It’s the year 2026, and a corporation called “ThinkExist” has created a virtual game called “Second Life” in which real people are able to extend their dreaming consciousness, through the use of ThinkExist technology, to a collective mass while they dream. In this game world, “Aether,” people are able to create any kind of character they desire and actually live as them in a virtual world created and run by hundreds of thousands of ThinkExist employees. A person may be a home keeper or chef in life, but in “Second Life” they have the ability to adopt the persona of a powerful minotaur, a spell-slinging wizard, or a myriad of other types of beings. Outside of the strange attributes of this game, the virtual reality is impeccably done, thus the reason so many people are needed to keep it running. The sensations people feel while in the game are very similar to what they would be outside of their dream. In addition, because it is a collective mass, individual’s characters are able to meet online to go on adventures, fight monsters, socialize, or simply enjoy themselves. Of course, there are thousands of “Game Masters” who make sure everything is running smoothly with the players and no infractions are being broken.

PCs will be playing both a character from reality and the virtual character the real character created.

Second Life